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Jeyhun Hotel
21 Feb 2019 в 11:34
The Jeyhun Hotel is located on one of the central streets of Turkmenabad; only 6 km away from the airport and the railway station. The four storey white building of the hotel was erected in 2009.
Hotel Yupek Yoly
21 Feb 2019 в 11:31
YUPEK Yoly Hotel is the newest hotel in the city of Turkmenabad, positioned itself as a business hotel with a large range of services. The list of services includes: high-quality service, free
Uzboy Hotel
21 Feb 2019 в 11:27
The Uzboy Hotel renovated in 2009 and located in Dashoguz region is especially attractive for tourists and travelers. It is the place where some of the most important sights of Turkmenistan including
Hotel Dashoguz
21 Feb 2019 в 11:21
Dashoguz Hotel opened at September 23, 2014. The seven-story complex located in the city Dashoguz in 9 km distance from the city airport, designed for 350 guests is located in a cozy part of the
21 Feb 2019 в 10:47
Turkmenistan’s landscape is characterized by beautiful sandy deserts and oases. In the middle of the Karakum desert at Darvaza lies the burning crater, also known as ‘the gate of hell’. One can spend
21 Feb 2019 в 10:20
Kyrgyzstan has a diverse and stunning mountain landscape, a 2000-year-old nomadic history and is inhabited by hospitable people from varying ethnicity. Overall, it’s around five times larger than
21 Feb 2019 в 09:55
For adventure travelers who love mountains, wilderness and homestays with locals, Tajikistan is the place to go – by foot, Jeep or a combination of both.
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