Jeyhun Hotel
21 Feb 2019 в 11:34
The Jeyhun Hotel is located on one of the central streets of Turkmenabad; only 6 km away from the airport and the railway station. The four storey white building of the hotel was erected in 2009.
Hotel Yupek Yoly
21 Feb 2019 в 11:31
YUPEK Yoly Hotel is the newest hotel in the city of Turkmenabad, positioned itself as a business hotel with a large range of services. The list of services includes: high-quality service, free
Uzboy Hotel
21 Feb 2019 в 11:27
The Uzboy Hotel renovated in 2009 and located in Dashoguz region is especially attractive for tourists and travelers. It is the place where some of the most important sights of Turkmenistan including
Hotel Dashoguz
21 Feb 2019 в 11:21
Dashoguz Hotel opened at September 23, 2014. The seven-story complex located in the city Dashoguz in 9 km distance from the city airport, designed for 350 guests is located in a cozy part of the
Margush Hotel
19 Dec 2018 в 17:25
White-marbled building of the modern hotel is situeated in one of the most beautiful places of administrative center of area, on the bank of Murgab river, where in the valley of former riverbed the
Mary Hotel
19 Dec 2018 в 17:17
The only 5 star hotel in Mary was opened in 2014. A hotel is located in the green park area on the bank of Murgab river. 7 floors white-marble luxury building can boasts of the huge surrounding
Yelken Hotel
18 Dec 2018 в 14:43
Located on an area of 360,000 m2 in the Turkmenbashi Awaza region along the coastline of the Caspian Sea, the “Yelken Yaht Club” includes 44 villas and 13 apart flats and has a total accommodation
Seyrana Hotel
18 Dec 2018 в 10:22
Hotel "Seyrana" is one of the many hotels on the Turkmen coast of the Caspian Sea, which has all the conditions for a good holiday. The hotel has single, double, family and deluxe rooms.
Berkarar Hotel
18 Dec 2018 в 10:19
On the coast of the Caspian Sea in the resort area of Avaza there is a diversified hotel complex "Berkarar". “The complex is presented as a world-class hotel with a modern conference center, a sports
Sport Hotel
15 Dec 2018 в 11:50
The Sport Hotel was erected by the Turkish company Polimeks. Its total area is 64 thousand 130 square meters. The ten-floor building has a high degree of seismic resistance. It has 398 rooms,