Ashgabat - white marble city


The name of the city of Ashgabat comes from the Persian word “eshg”, which means love and “abad”, which translates as inhabited, well-maintained. And this is true! Today, Ashgabat is not just the capital of Turkmenistan, but also the largest industrial, scientific and cultural center of the country.

The city is concentrated a huge number of government agencies and missions, as well as interesting monuments and attractions. So, the city several times entered the Guinness Book of Records. First, as the city with the largest number of buildings, decorated with white marble. Indeed, there are 543 such buildings in Ashgabat, and the total area of the city’s marble covering reaches 4.5 million square meters! Secondly, the city has the world's highest flagpole (133 meters). Thirdly, here is the largest closed ferris wheel. Fourth, the largest fountain complex “Oguzhan and Sons” was built here, where the total area of the fountains is 15 hectares! And, finally, the largest architectural image of the star (“Oguzkhan's Star” on the Turkmen TV tower) was also included in the Guinness Book.

Immediately two objects of the Olympic campus in Ashgabat hit the pages of the Guinness Book of Records. The first, “Horse,” is a monumental and at the same time graceful structure in its outlines, towering over the dome of the Olympic Stadium, as if looking at it from above horses. He is recognized as the largest architectural symbol of the horse on the planet. Its height is 40.05 meters, and the width of the construction reaches 40.24 meters. Another object, which is recorded by the World Records Book, is a complex of water sports. The Aquatics Center of the Olympic Village is recognized as the largest indoor water complex in the world that meets modern international standards.

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Ашгабат - Беломраморный город

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