Spark of Karakum


Gas crater in Turkmenistan: Spark of Karakum
The gas crater Darvaza (Derweze) is located in the Turkmen Karakum desert. The fire pit is the result of drilling and excavation, which were organized in 1971 by Soviet geologists. The accumulated accumulations of natural gas in the underground cavern hardly led to the death of the working group: a drilling rig and the equipment of geologists and vehicles fell into the hole.
Natural gas in order to avoid harmful effects on people and livestock set on fire. The fire, which was supposed to go out in a few days, is still burning; flames reaching ten meters in height can be seen several kilometers away. The diameter of the sights is about 60 meters, and the depth is 20 meters.

The best time to explore Darvaza is early evening. Arriving before sunset, you can enjoy a fantastic spectacle: a crater immersed in orange sunlight plunges into darkness, illuminating nightly desert landscapes with bright light. There is a strong smell of natural gas and a rather high temperature near the dips, so it is not recommended to stay here for a long time.

How to get there
The Darvaza crater is located 266 kilometers north of Ashgabat and 90 kilometers north of the village of Erbent. You can get to this place by renting a car. The road leading to the crater is pretty good, without holes and potholes. A country road leads from the highway to the gas hole.
The entire segment of the path is quite possible to drive a car. But be careful: the last few hundred meters of a country road pass through the sand; You can overcome them only on an SUV or truck. The sandy area is quite difficult to cross, even on foot, so for a trip to the crater, you should take care of the appropriate vehicle in advance.

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