Avaza - National tourist zone


Avaza is a national tourist zone, spread along the coast of the Caspian Sea, in the city of Turkmenbashi (Turkmenistan).

Grand construction on the Caspian coast began in 2007, after President of the Republic of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov proposed the idea of creating a majestic national tourist zone “Avaza” in the country - a tourism center, the unusual name of which comes from the name of the rare Zhylavaz eastern wind. So, in July 2007, a presentation of a large-scale object took place, the participants of which became the first witnesses of how the modern history of their region is created. After that, a gigantic construction fateful for Turkmenistan began.

Fully complete the construction of a luxury resort complex "Avaza" architects are planning to 2020, many objects are now in the process of construction, but many have already been built, and it is amazing and gives an idea of the true scale of construction.

On the territory of Avaza, it is planned to build new facilities and establishments for leisure, entertainment and recreation: an aquarium and a dolphinarium, entertainment centers, a golf club, a karting center, a cycle track, a planetarium, a cinema, supermarkets, etc.

The huge resort zone "Avaza" is a modern tourist paradise with a multitude of white marble hotels, high-class hotels and recreation centers, cottage complexes for family vacations, boarding houses, sanatoriums and health resorts for children and adults. The territory of the seaside resort is full of various objects of rich infrastructure:
- parks;
- congress center;
- cafes and restaurants;
- yacht Club;
- sports complex;
- swimming pools with sea water;
- water parks;
- tennis courts;
- amusement parks;
- disco clubs;
- grand interactive fountains;
- sea geysers up to 100 meters high;
- 7 km navigable canal with pedestrian and road bridges;
- gas turbine power station ;.

A new runway and a modern terminal, one of the best in Turkmenistan, was built at the international airport of Turkmenbashi.

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Аваза - Национальная зона отдыха

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