Sport complex - Olimpic village in Ashgabat


The Olympic town of the Turkmen capital warmly welcomed the participants and guests of the V Asian Games in indoor and martial arts.

Super modern sports facilities are arranged around the Olympic Stadium, the stands of which can accommodate up to 45 thousand spectators.
Total infrastructure of the town includes about 40 objects. Their architecture, functionality and level of technological equipment makes this complex unique.

The most capacious sports facility, after the Olympic Stadium, is a complex of sports games for 12 thousand spectators.
In this universal hall there are all conditions for holding international competitions in team ball games, rhythmic gymnastics, badminton, fencing, small tennis and trampoline competitions.

The water-sports complex can receive 5,000 spectators at once who come to swimming competitions on short and long water, diving, water polo or synchronized swimming.
All this became the basis for the introduction of the object in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's largest indoor swimming pool in the modern concept.
Next to the building of the water-sports complex two outdoor pools were built. Here you can also hold swimming competitions. Around these pools are set stands with 1080 seats.

The Olympic Stadium is the core of the whole town and, perhaps, its most attractive object. A large-scale structure with a height of about 50 meters and an area of 145 thousand square meters, combining elements of modernity and constructivism in the original architectonics, design finds and national decor, emphasizes the dynamics of the forms of a multifunctional sports cluster.
The originality of his appearance gives a monumental image of a horse, towering above the dome of the stadium, which, thanks to this gigantic sculpture, got into the Guinness Book of Records.

One of the most representative buildings is the athletics complex. Huge halls, sports facilities equipped equipment, recreation rooms, fitness halls, halls and corridors, spectator stands.

In addition to the track and field arena, there is a bowling hall, rooms for chess competitions and chess classes.

Indoor tennis court - an impressive building with its size (98.4 x 194.3 meters), more than 30 meters high, has two arenas.
The main arena - with spectator stands at 4 thousand seats and one platform, and the second - with four courts for training.
Small training halls can be used not only for training, but also for competitions in various types of martial arts.
On the area of about 19 thousand square meters there are three halls and other specialized rooms. All are equipped with first-class equipment from leading manufacturers of sports equipment.
For weightlifters there are 16 platforms with barbells.
In each room there are the usual stands for 184 seats and sliding - for 668 seats. In total, it can accommodate more than 2.5 thousand spectators.

A large training complex adjacent to a complex of sports games can also be used for both the preparatory process and for competitions in various types of martial arts.
There are rooms for sports and rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics, equipped with areas for jumping from the trampoline, table tennis, handball, volleyball.

Another outstanding object is the indoor cycle track, where the most advanced technologies are applied. On its tracks cyclists can accelerate to a speed of 70-80 km / h.
On this track, you can hold world-class competitions and set speed records.

A playground inside the track is suitable for competitions in futsal, handball, athletics, tennis, etc.
The martial arts complex is a multifunctional arena where you can hold competitions in such sports as wrestling, boxing, sambo, taekwondo, judo, goresh, etc.
Up to 5 thousand spectators will be able to watch the battles in the Martial Arts Complex.
During the competition, this complex can host up to three thousand spectators.

For athletes, football players and other sportsmen, a universal “core” with stands for a thousand seats, as well as open areas - eight tennis courts, basketball, volleyball, handball grounds with spectator stands, were built on the territory of the town.

The building of the business center consists of three blocks: one 17-storey building, the other - 7-storey and a bridge-gallery connecting them.
This is the administrative and organizational center of sports and business life of the Olympic town.
Here are located the departments of the State Sports Committee of Turkmenistan, offices of sports federations, societies and organizations.

On the territory of the Olympic town is a cultural center.
It has everything to attract the attention of young people, to create a special atmosphere for communication between representatives of different countries, to choose a lesson for your leisure time.
There is a small cinema, a music studio, a billiard room, slot machines, shops, a restaurant and a cafe.

The medical rehabilitation center of the Olympic campus is not inferior to high-tech clinics in terms of equipment. On the area of more than 7 thousand meters dozens of offices and departments, equipped with the latest diagnostic and other medical equipment, laboratories, procedural are located.
Thanks to the available high-precision devices with software and analytical software, a sports doctor can develop an individual training program, as a result of which an athlete acquires excellent form.

Competitors, members of delegations are accommodated with special comfort in the hotel "Olymp", "Sport" and a residential complex for athletes, built on the territory of the Olympic town. More than 12 thousand athletes can live on campus. This is a real residential neighborhood of 12-storey houses.

For the convenience of athletes and spectators in the Olympic town built all the necessary infrastructure, including socio-cultural and shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops, consumer services, parking. On the territory of the town there is a network of pedestrian crossings and a monorail road.

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Спортивный комплекс - Олимпийский городок в Ашхабаде

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