Nature of Turkmenistan


The nature of Turkmenistan has thousands of plant species, ranging from desert grasses and saxaul to mountain forests. The fauna is represented by 91 species of mammals, 372 species of birds, 74 species of reptiles and 60 species of fish. And if in the desert vegetation and fauna are poorly represented, then the valleys of the mountain rivers are a real fount of nature in Turkmenistan. In addition, all this wealth is protected in the Badkhyz, Krasnodar and Repetek reserves.

The climate of Turkmenistan is continental. Daytime temperatures have large drops: the average July temperature is + 30-32 ° C, and in winter it drops to -5 ° C. The average annual rainfall ranges from 80 mm in desert areas to 400 mm in the mountains. At the same time on the plains are often hot winds and dust storms.

Tourists in Turkmenistan are attracted by unique natural monuments: stunning flora - forests of wild fruit and nuts, juniper forests on mountain slopes, pistachio savanna woodlands, saxaul forests, floodplain tugai; diverse fauna - Central Asian leopards, argali, kulans, gazelles; a fascinating landscape - from picturesque mountain ranges to lifeless sands of the desert, from green oases to the many kilometers of sea coast.

Природа Туркменистана