Fire fortress


These are extraordinarily beautiful natural architectural structures. Translated from Turkmen, “Yangy-Kala” is “Fiery Fortress”, since the land here is dominated mainly by red hues. Located in the Balkan region, 160 km east of Turkmenbashi, in the North-West of Turkmenistan. Once the canyons were the bottom of the ancient sea, which then retreated. And the rain and wind over many years have turned this territory into a fantastically beautiful place.

It is especially recommended to visit the small Kemal-Ata canyon, pierced in the cliffs by a spring that emerged in the middle of the desert, from which sheep and camel herds drink water. There are noteworthy egg-like stone formations, many of which are half “embedded” in a canyon.

Now Yangi-Kala is often visited by tourists. It is a popular place for lovers of jeep safaris and hiking with an overnight stay in nature.

And, however, the sheer cliffs of white, yellow, ocher, purple and red colors, fancifully carved by the winds and rains, are very similar to stone castles from some kind of fantasy. Canyons are especially beautiful at sunset, when everything around is painted a fiery red color.

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