Tickets reservation to any spot of the world
10 Jan 2019 в 17:20
Guneshli Syyahat sells airline tickets to a wide variety of destinations, using ticketing global platform the Amadeus. Moreover, prices are often lower compared to other airlines.
Online sale of air tickets in Turkmenistan
05 Jan 2019 в 14:04
In Turkmenistan, tickets for domestic flights can now be purchased via the Internet. The main air services agency, Turkmenhowayollary, and the State Post Company, Turkmenpochta, launched an online
Turkmenistan Airlines
20 Aug 2018 в 11:20
The airline "Turkmenistan Airlines" belongs to the state (represented by the "Turkmenistan" Air Company). State National Service "Turkmenhowayollary" is a member of the International Civil Aviation